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Metro Phoenix area

Metro Phoenix area

Paradise Valley Restoration Services

Water Damage

If you or loved ones are Paradise Valley residents and experiencing water damage then call our water damage restoration experts at Dry Force. Mitigating the damage to as little as possible is the key when it comes to water damage. In order to do this, remove any important belongings from the water and call Dry Force immediately after a water disaster. Our team of experts will come out and make sure that everything is 100% dry so there is no chance for mold or mildew growth in the future.

Mold Removal

Mold in a home is an unfortunate circumstance that often times goes unseen until someone in the family becomes ill. If you suspect or know for certain that there is mold in your home, call our mold cleanup crew. Mold removal is crucial to your health and wellbeing. Please don’t wait to take action when dealing with mold, call today.

Smoke Damage

Because of the loose structure of smoke, it can easily find its way into absorbent materials around your estate. If you are dealing with the lingering smell of smoke or one of the other side effects of stagnant smoke particles, then call our smoke damage experts at Dry Force. We will come in and find the smoke particles at their source and then eliminate them.

Fire Damage

The experts at Dry Force are trained specifically to work with fire damage in a way that is quick and efficient. We understand that dealing with fire damage as a property owner can be distressing, and we are here to help minimize that stress for you. Call our team of Fire Damage Restoration experts today to get started on your fire restoration journey.