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Pinetop-Lakeside Restoration Services

Water Damage

Has your home in Pinetop-Lakeside recently experienced flooding? Our experts on Disaster Restoration are here to help. Call Dry Force today for a quick Water, Smoke, or Fire Damage Restoration.

It is very important start the cleanup process immediately after a disaster, especially one dealing with water. If water is let to sit then mold, bacteria, and fungi will start to grow. Home restoration can be a long process, but with our water damage repair experts we will get you back to your life in as little time as possible.

Fire Damage

Experiencing fire damage to a home or business can be overwhelming.Rest assured that the Fire Restoration crew at Dry Force is here to make the restoration process as short and pain-free as possible. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation; let our specially trained fire damage & restoration experts get the job done safely for you.

Smoke Damage

If there has been smoke damage around your house, there are guaranteed to be lingering smoke particles that harbor odor. Because smoke travels freely it can sometimes be difficult to locate the source of these leftover smoke particles. Let the experts at Dry Force do the smoke cleanup for you. Give us a call today!